girl-with-cashIt’s rare to go on a model directory site like Model Mayhem, and find more than a handful of models out of hundreds that actually have a personal website, with the vast majority relying solely on Facebook and Instagram. While those platforms are good for many things, they should simply be used as a supplement.  And the reason for this all ties into maximizing exposure and making money, which should be the goal of any model, just like it is for any business.  After all, models are businesses in themselves, right?

The main reason for not relying on a 3rd party social media source like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to be your home landing page is because you’ve now got a middle-man and controller in your social and revenue stream.  If Facebook doesn’t like something you post, they block it, or block you.  Same goes for YouTube – it happens all the time. And if you decide to start making money off of your site, such as YouTube, you now have to share the revenue with the 3rd party. There’s benefits that they do bring to the table, but why not instead just use them for their benefits and make the money for yourself?

I’m not going to spend this entire article outlining how to make money online, but in a nutshell it goes like this:

  1. Use the social networks as a sponge for collecting a larger audience
  2. Maximize their free marketing tools to increase your exposure
  3. Funnel that audience to your main website where the monetizing can begin

Your personal website should be your home base, the star of your modeling solar system.  Here is where you put links out to all your other social sites, so when someone comes from Facebook, they can then find you on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or wherever else you’re dwelling.  This is also where you post the bulk of your content, your calendar, your contact information, and of course any merchandise you may want to sell.  When you condition your fans and potential clients to check your website first, then you now are controlling the media flow. And once you control the flow, you can then monetize it.  This is what all the big and small companies do, or try to do. This is how you make gobs and gobs of money, 24/7, even while you sleep.  A model’s income should not consist primarily of paid gigs, but instead should consist primarily of revenue generated off of her website and social channels.

If you would like more information on how you can get a professional website, and the benefits it could bring you, then please contact us at Glamour Sensations. We’ll be more than glad to look at your specific needs and goals, and tailor a plan just for you.