Are you hot, interesting and fun?

Glamour Sensations is always looking for new and exciting models, party girls, and performers to feature in some fashion or another.  If you’re hot, interesting, and fun, then we’re interested in you!  And we don’t mind showing you lots of love either, be it designing banners for you and putting them up in various places on our site, or just giving you a real nice write-up, front page exposure, and a listing in our popular store.

What we need from you?

Before we will list you on our site, we first need to see that you are a real person and not some faker.  This means we want to see a Facebook or Instagram page, or even a personal website. Or maybe you have a Model Mayhem listing.  Any of those will do.  Then we need some pictures and a way to follow up with you.

  • Provide us a social network page of yours (Facebook or Instagram preferred), Model Mayhem listing, or personal website
  • Provide us current pictures of yourself – the more professional, the better
  • Tell us about yourself and why you should be listed.  Remember, we don’t list everyone that contacts us, so why are you special?


Complete the form as accurately as possible

Please fill out the form below as accurately as possible.  Submissions that are lacking information and look like they were submitted by a spam-bot are tossed in the trash immediately. And please upload images that are recent, and best represent how you currently look. If we do accept you into our listings, then we will follow up for more images.

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