By Sarah Walsh, Glamour Sensations Guest Editor

Lately I’ve been perusing a few model directory sites in search of that next hot new sensation to hit the scene, and while I have seen some girls that look like they could make a real splash, I’ve also seen a disturbing trend which will probably hinder them from ever making it far in the industry.  What is that, you ask?  Well let me explain it this way…

Let’s say you have to get your car fixed – it won’t start, or it makes a real weird noise or something – and you start looking around for someone to work on it. And let’s say you find a directory that lists all kinds of repairmen (and repairwomen for the politically correct out there) and mechanics, and electricians, and everyone under the sun that fixes stuff.  Now naturally you’re going to want to narrow your search a little and look up auto mechanics, right?  So you do that, and then a lists of let’s say 10 pop up in your area.  And now with your list to look at, you start going through their profiles 1 by 1.  And right away something bothers you.

The first guy says he’s a mechanic, but also a carpenter and a plumber.  He shows pictures of his jobs too.  In some he’s framing a house, in another he’s fixing a leaky faucet, and in another he’s putting up trim.  There’s only one picture of him actually working on a car, and it’s not a real good one either.  So you go onto the next one, and you see the same thing…and then the next, and the next.  And by the time you’re done with it, you don’t see anyone that solely works on cars.

Do you see where I’m going with this now??  I think you do.

Girls, if you’re going to model, you need to pick a lane.  First decide what style of modeling you’re going to pursue and excel in, and then focus on that style.  Some of you may not really have a choice in the style either.  Really, it comes down to Fashion modeling or Glamour modeling, and if you’re not 5’10” and 125 pounds, you’re pretty much forced into Glamour modeling.  Now granted, that’s not a bad thing if you’re not afraid of showing some skin.  Glamour modeling encompasses lots of sub-styles like swimwear, boudoir, lingerie, and adult, to name just a few.  So once you’ve decided that glamour modeling is your thing, then pick a sub-style to focus on and then go with it and start filling up your port.  But if you want to dabble in multiple glamour styles, that’s great too.  My point is though, if you’re going to be a glamour model then don’t try to do fashion modeling as well, it serves no purpose.  If you’re going to do TFP with a photographer to populate your portfolio, then make sure he’s going to do the shoot in the style that you want to pursue.  Having a stylistically diverse portfolio isn’t necessarily a good thing in modeling, especially when your bread and butter (what will actually make you money) is being completely neglected in favor of something that will never make you money.

Pick a lane girls, and go with it!