Model Representation

Glamour modeling is a genre of modeling in which the subjects are portrayed in sexy poses ranging in various states of dress and undress, from fully clothed to nude.  Basically any major form of modeling outside of fashion modeling is considered glamour.
While nudity is a form of glamour modeling, and many successful models do choose to pose nude, it is not required of the model in order for us to consider her for representation.
As part of our agreement, yes, we would get an industry standard percentage of your earnings, but we would not require this until you become established and begin reliably earning more than $1000/month.
For starters, because we offer a set of unique services that are required for models to truly be successful in this industry, and we offer all of our services for just a small percentage of what we help the model earn, meaning there is no direct cost to her.  Secondly, we provide our models a unique platform (our website) to showcase themselves on that will allow them to reach thousands of fans per month, giving them an edge over much of their competition.
No.  We’ll help you every step of the way, so no experience is necessary.
We would greatly prefer this so we can directly build your portfolio, especially if you’re a beginner.  Now if you’re an established model and have the means of developing your content on your own, then we could make an exception.

Feature Model Submissions

For a model to be featured on Glamour Sensations, she must have a website (preferably) or a fan page/site with a significant following.  For instance, she may have a popular Facebook page, or Instagram.  She must also have at least 10 professional photos she can provide us for use on the site.  If this criteria is met, then all she has to do is apply here.
No.  Because we are providing the models we feature a platform to showcase themselves, and a vehicle to drive traffic to their revenue generating websites, we do not pay models to be featured on Glamour Sensations.
For starters, we put a custom banner ad for the model on the home page and in our very popular store during the entire month she is being featured (first banner seen), as well as the following month (last banner).    Additionally, her picture will be featured in the sidebar of all of our event and model pages.  We also do a custom write-up for her, and give her links to at least three of her online social platforms, be it her personal website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever else she wants linked.

General Model Submissions

For a model to get listed in our general directory, she must have an online portfolio of some sort, with at least a few professional pictures.  We aren’t necessarily looking for established models, but we do want to know that the girls we feature are in fact at least aspiring models, and have done a shoot or two.  If this criteria is met, then apply here.
The benefits for getting listed in the general directory are simple: exposure, exposure, exposure.  And because we don’t accept everyone into the directory, if you’re listed, then you will garner for more attention than you would on a standard model directory site.  Remember, one of the keys to modeling success is exposure and popularity!

Media, Event & All Other Submissions

If you have an event you want featured on Glamour Sensations, simply fill out the form here.  If we feel the event will be of interest to our audience, we’ll gladly post it.