By Sarah Walsh, Glamour Sensations Guest Editor

If you didn’t read the second part of my series on making money as a glamour model, please go here and do a little catching up!

All caught up now?  Awesome!  Let’s continue…

So you realize now that the best way to become a successful and wealthy glamour model is to make your living in Scenario 2 and Scenario 3 jobs, while only supplementing your free time with the good Scenario 1 offers.  I’m not one to diss on the GWC (guy with camera in case you didn’t know – read more about them here) and Scenario 1 offers, but it’s not reliable enough, or beneficial enough long-term to solely live on.  And in order to get to Scenario 2, you need a diverse portfolio (in the style of modeling you are doing, which in this case is glamour), and a professional presentation that will exude reliability.  And for Scenario 3, which is the most lucrative, you need not only a professional presentation and diverse portfolio, but a large fan following and lots of exposure.   And in this article – the final in the series – I will talk about gaining that popularity and exposure, and building the professional presence that will get you noticed and taken far more seriously.  I will also introduce Scenario 4, which is the apex for any model or entertainer.

How do I gain popularity and exposure?

The answer to this is somewhat simple, and somewhat complex. The simple answer is to do more Scenario 2 jobs.  And to get these jobs, you need to appear more professional:

  1. Do TFP to develop your portfolio, and only work in the styles you are wanting to get paid in (for more on this, read this article: Pick A Lane, Girl).
  2. Treat your modeling career/hobby like an actual business.  Put forth a professional presentation in everything you do. Work with a business like Glamour Sensations to build a professional web presence and brand.
  3. Be responsive to people who contact you, and be professional. Life is a reflection, and eventually the professionalism will reflect back upon you (I know…I know…this is my spiritual woo-woo self talking).

By getting the “professional” gigs, you will be presented to a bigger audience, develop stronger referrals, and ultimately increase your exposure and fan base.  It’s like any business though.  Ask any new business owner and they’ll tell you that they sacrificed on money up front to gain exposure and referrals in hopes of growing a customer base. You as a model – as  a business – need to do the same.  See the forest beyond the trees, girls.

But there’s also a supplement to this…

You can also manufacture popularity and create the illusion of professional experience with creative marketing, and to do this you’ll probably either have to read a few books, or work with a marketing company like (I hate to do it, but I’m going to) Glamour Sensations. Businesses hire companies like this all the time.  You’ve probably heard of SEO, or brand recognition, or public relations.  This is what they do. They create the perception of popularity, and they do it well.  Essentially they bridge the time gap between you being a no-namer to being Miss Popular by months or even years. And if you act the part, nobody will know the difference.  By the way, they teach you how to act the part too.

So with all that said, let’s get onto Scenario 4!

Simply put, in Scenario 4 you become you’re own production company.  So instead of getting hired by a production company in Scenario 3, where they will pay you $1200 for a few sets of images and video to then “sell” on their site for the next 20 years, and where they will make 100 times that amount over that duration, you produce your own content and make the same amount of money for the duration of your existence (or the internet’s existence), thus ensuring yourself long-term income, even after age has taken it’s predictable toll.  There are retired glamour models out there still making tens of thousands of dollars off their websites, of which they haven’t touched in years.

But to get to Scenario 4, you really need a partner.  You need someone to produce the content (hold the camera, snap the picture), and someone to build and maintain the website, and and someone to also handle your marketing and public relations to increase your fan base.  Where do I find this partner, you may be asking?  Well some very successful models have significant others that are in this line of business who help them with this, but for those that don’t, there’s companies like (yes, I’m going to plug them again) Glamour Sensations.  While I may be a contributor (and obviously biased) I will admit that I was drawn to Nick (the owner of GS) because of his clear knowledge of this business, and the quality of what GS offers.  It’s truly unique, and something that any aspiring model or established model can afford, especially if they represent you, in which case it’s just part of the package.

So I hope this article set helped some of you understand the business a bit better.  I was tasked with the specific job of doing just that, and I hope I did it!  Until next time…