Lana Rhoades grew up in Wisconsin right near the Illinois border. As she describes herself, she was a country girl, as well as a Tomboy growing up. And to go with that beauty, this girl also has brains.  She graduated high school at 17, then moved closer to Chicago and began working at The Tilted Kilt.  From there she met a guy, had sex with that guy, and then got into the adult industry via FTV.Com.  Believe it or not, Lana only had sex with the one guy prior to getting into the adult industry, although she did perform oral sex on guys as a nice form of compensation.

As you can see from the pictures, Lana is a striking beauty with gorgeous hair, cornflower blue eyes, and a shapely gymnast’s body.  She’s actually somewhat shy, but has a strong sexual appetite that clearly shows on camera when she performs.