By Sarah Walsh, Glamour Sensations Guest Editor

gwc-picAs a model (former model now), I used to always hear about the dreaded GWC by my starry-eyed colleagues.  The GWC was seemingly the bane of their existence, at least how some of them talked. And in case you aren’t aware yourself, a GWC is also known as “Guy With Camera”, or even better known as the typical guy who contacts you through Craigslist or Model Mayhem in regards to hiring your modeling services.  What’s wrong with this, you ask?  Well I asked the same thing of those girls who were doing nothing but complaining about them.  You see them complaining on modeling forums as well. So what’s the big deal?

You see, most aspiring models have this fantasy in their minds of what modeling is going to be like. We’ve all had it too, and for some it’s an actual reality (although even in the best circumstances, usually lacks the glamour initially imagined).  And what that fantasy usually does not consist of is meeting some guy with an overstuffed bag full of photography gear in the lobby of a Holiday Inn, and then going up with him to a room, and watching him piece together some lighting as you decide which skimpy outfit to wear for him: pink teddy or corset and fishnet stockings.  Glamorous huh?

The problem isn’t necessarily with the GWC though, it’s usually with the model and her expectations. Simply put, her expectations are unrealistic. Mine were, and if you’re a model reading this, yours probably are too.  And that’s the problem.  Thinking that you’re going to start out doing shoots for magazines in expensive studios is completely unrealistic, almost like a high school football player thinking he’s going to go right to the NFL after graduating.  Thinking that you’re going to be doing shoots for magazines in itself is unrealistic, especially considering print modeling is practically dead, but that’s another story….oh, if I only had a nickel for every girl I see that aspires to be a print model.

Anyway, a typical GWC is just a guy that does photography as a hobby.  He’s not a professional, and he usually doesn’t have a professional studio set-up, although some do.  Yes, some can be creepy, but so can a lot of professional photographers.  A fancy studio does not diminish creepiness.  So if you look at it like this, what’s the problem?  You’ll realize the problem is that you’re wanting something more, something bigger, more glamorous. We all do, but until you understand how the industry works, and how you get those more “glamorous” jobs, the GWC is typically who you’ll be working with.  It’s not a bad thing, girls.  Just be smart about who you work with, and where you meet.  I always would meet the photographer before the shoot, just so I could get a feel for them.  Most guys are not out to harm you – the vast, vast, vast majority aren’t.  Sure, you hear about the crazy guy now and then, but those instances are few and far between.

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