I got good news and bad news for all you aspiring Chicago models out there.  The good news is that the Chicago modeling market is absolutely begging for an all-star, a new sensation, a platinum performer.  The crown is is waiting to be placed atop some woman’s head as I type this.  And oh how glorious that would be for some new model to suddenly ascend to the top of a major market in the relative blink of an eye.  It’s there for you, ladies, just waiting for you.

Now the bad news…

The Chicago modeling market is barren of opportunity, and the reputation of the talent pool is poor at best.  I guess the two go hand-in-hand, kind of like a chicken or the egg type argument.  Photo studios and production companies would cite the lack of quality, professional talent as the reason they look elsewhere, and as someone that worked on that side of the industry for many years, I can attest to the accuracy of that claim.

I remember just back in 2010 when I had to hire two glamour models for a series of video advertisements that the company I was hired by wanted to display on YouTube, Facebook and a variety of other social network channels.  These weren’t pornographic either, in fact they just needed models willing to pose in bikini bottoms and tank tops.  I had a decent budget too – $800 per model for about 4 hours of work each.  But after three days of searching in Chicago, and talking to a few girls, I came up empty.  As a result, I had to look out of state to ultimately find a pair of models in Miami. To compensate for the air-fare, I talked a few local photographers into splitting the bill four ways in exchange for shooting with them a couple hours each.  The girls made out well that weekend, but it still cost the company that hired me more than they wanted.

Before that, back in 2006, I ran my own production company where I employed over 30 glamour models in one year.  Out of that group, only four were from the Chicago area.  The reason for this were the same as they were in 2010, the talent pool was too conservative, not very responsive, and unreliable.  For instance, girls I was in discussions with would just stop responding, only to re-emerge days later with renewed interest.  Or girls would fail to show up to pre-shoot meetings, or fail to show up to the shoots itself.  Ask any photographer in Chicago, and he’ll have a dozen similar situations to talk about.

What this means for you, the aspiring Chicago glamour model, is this: it’s time to seize the opportunity in front of you, and set a new standard in the Chicago market for glamour modeling. Become the standard bearer yourself, and in the process you will not only rise to the top of this ripe market very quickly, but you will lead the way for new models, and become the benchmark for how it’s done.  And if that’s a little lofty, then one thing that I can guarantee is that you will become the talk of the Chicago modeling community, especially among photographers, all from doing a few simple things:

  1. Be responsive, follow up to emails and phone calls
  2. Don’t cancel
  3. But if you do have to cancel, at least give some notice
  4. Come to shoots prepared and on time

Of course there’s other things I could advise, but these are the main points, that if followed, would go a long way in propelling a model towards the top of the Chicago glamour modeling market.