When applying to be a glamour and lingerie model online, either with a management company or agency, or a potential client, it is important to realize that the pictures you send and the information you give can make the difference between being taken serious and hired, or being discarded with all the rest who apply.  There are cardinal sins that most aspiring models make when applying without an existing portfolio, and we’ll discuss those here briefly.

First off, treat the online application process like an actual job interview – because for an aspiring model, it is.  Fill out the application thoroughly and put some thought into it.  Don’t just breeze through it with wrong information, simply to be able to attach pictures and hit “submit”, and then move onto the next opportunity.  This carelessness shows those that view your application as you being indifferent about the prospect of working with or for them, and when a model is indifferent, it usually means she is unreliable.  Nobody wants an unreliable model – there’s already too many of them out there.

If you don’t know all of your measurements then make your best guess and let them know on the application that you’re not totally sure.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  If you have questions about the styles of modeling you’re supposed to check off that you’re interested in, then ask.  Its that simple.  And it shows that you care.  Companies want reliable models, because there are too many out there that aren’t, and have cost people a lot of money.

Now for the pictures.

For a model, her picture and image are almost everything (personality and reliability are pretty important too).  When you send pictures to a potential client or model management company or agency, make sure you are sending good pictures that accurately represent how you look now, and show your face and body clearly.

Unless you’re applying to be a hair or nail model, or just a portrait model, the way your body looks is obviously pretty darn important – especially in the glamour and lingerie industries.  So its critical that you send pictures that you are proud of, that make you look good.  They don’t have to be professional images though – far from it.  Self-pics can do just fine, if taken well.

So here are some tips on taking good self-pics, presumably in front of a bathroom mirror:

  • Clean the mirror of water stains and hairspray
  • Wear an outfit that is somewhat revealing and shows your body shape.  In other words, don’t wear baggy clothes that hide.  If you don’t feel good about your body and feel you need to hide it, then you probably aren’t ready to be a glamour and lingerie model yet.
  • Do your hair and makeup as if you were going out on a Friday or Saturday night to some club.  Remember, this is a first impression – so make a good one.
  • Hold the camera AWAY from your face, so it can be seen.
  • Do multiple poses that show both your front AND back.  In glamour and lingerie modeling, the way you look on the backside is almost just as important as how you look on the front.  So in other words, show your butt.
  • Smile.  Its ok to smile and look like you’re not being tortured.  Smiling makes everyone look better.
  • Clear the clutter in the background.  This isn’t crucial, but if you really want to make a great first impression, clean your background so the focus remains on you, and not on the toilet paper stacked against the opposite wall.

Now if you want to see some examples of good self-pics, then look below. They should give you a much better idea of how to pose, at the very least.